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Mobius Outcome delivery

Mobius Outcome Delivery is an open-source framework to deliver measurable, meaningful outcomes. It includes the core principles, practices and tools to help align people towards a shared purpose. These are available to download and view in the Toolkit section.

To help navigate the Toolkit, all practices can be visualised on a canvas based on the Mobius Outcome Delivery framework which has three parts:

Primary Outcome Delivery Cards displayed on Outcome Delivery Canvas image

These are connected with a continuous feedback loop called Mobius. Mobius provides a basic structure to map out your activities.

The Mobius Loop

The name Mobius comes from a discovery by two German mathematicians to describe a surface with one continuous path. This is a good metaphor to describe how continuous learning evolves, and how the external needs and internal delivery is intertwined. The idea is to create a continuous flow of value to the customer.

Why: Discovery

The Discovery zone starts with the current as-is state. Why are you doing this? What problems are you trying to solve, and for whom? How will you measure the Outcomes?

Think of this as setting your compass at the start of a journey.

Illustration of Options Pivot Signpost

How: Options

Now you know where you want to go, how will you get there? There can be many paths to get to your destination. Rather than committing to one option, create alternatives then measure which one really returns the most outcome for the least effort.

Illustration of Delivery Canvas Rocketship

What: Deliver and learn

As you deliver options, focus on getting feedback from the end-users. Measure the impact.  What do your experiments tell you? Which ones are worth implementing?

As you move around the loop you learn how to deliver the Outcomes. This takes you back to the options pivot. Choose to go back on the discovery loop, or right on delivery. That’s it. Outcome Delivery.

Mobius OUTCOME DELIVERY Quickstart Guide

Download the Outcome Delivery Quickstart Guide or read it online

Read the Outcome Delivery  Quickstart Guide in your browser, or download a copy to read offline or print to read at leisure. (The book is 6″ x 9″ landscape format and an e-book version will be available soon.)

Read the Quickstart guide online

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